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    This is an opportunity to increase your connection to yourself and others through Authentic Relating Games (ARG), Circling or a combination of both. Whether we run a games session in the first part of the evening will depend on who and how many people attend on the evening.

    Circling Cornwall’s wish is to provide an evening of compassionate connection in a safe environment, in which you get to explore with others in every moment, learn tools to help deepen your relationships and be truly seen for who you are.

    Curious about what kind of an evening this might be? Have a read of Taylor Prewitt’s online article about an ARG evening in Austin, Texas, USA. Our events will be slightly different and some of your experiences may be reminiscent.


    Price: 5 early bird until the end of the previous month. Then 7 for the first few days of the month and 10 a week before the event. There may be (dependent on space) the possibility of making cash payment on the evening. If so, we will tell you here. (The pricing structure has been designed to maximise attendance, so our hope is to be full and recommend booking as early as possible). Please use our meetup group to make payment:

    Circling Cornwall. Authentic Relating Games / Circle events

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    Circling is an interactive mindfulness practice. Authentic Relating Games are often used as a gentle and fun way to introduce new people to Circling.Literally anyone who want…

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    This event has limited reduced price and funded places available. If you have trouble paying and wish to attend please contact us for further details.

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