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    Christmas trees. We love a real one, but getting rid of the thing can be a nightmare. Which is precisely why our Treecycle ensures you never have to again.

    In exchange for a donation to our families, the Hospice elves will travel around the region on the 5th/6th January 2019 collecting your Christmas Trees and taking them to Hagley Christmas Trees to be recycled – we call it Treecycling.

    Currently, this is available in postcodes DY3, DY5, DY6, DY7, DY8 and DY9 but please do keep your eyes peeled as this area may be expanded if we can realistically meet the demand.

    All you have to do is ensure your tree is out on the night of Friday 4th January 2019, and a collection van will be with you at some point during the weekend – possibly even before you wake up on Saturday 5th!

    In 2017, you wonderful people raised more than 750 and booked more than 60 tree collections.

    In 2018, you wonderful people raised more than 3,500 and booked more than 500 tree collections! Which was utterly remarkable!

    So, as you can imagine, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

    To book, simply go to: http://www.marystevenshospice.co.uk/event/christmas-treecycle-2019/ and fill out the form at the bottom of that page.

    We’ll be honest in saying that with this event it’s a case of the more pairs of hands the better. It’s normally best for volunteers to work in twos because it is very hard work, so if you and a friend, family member or loved one fancy getting stuck in for the weekend, email ruth.longville@mshfundraising.co.uk to let her know you’d like to volunteer for Treecycle!

    As well as pairs of hands, the more vans we’ve got out there collecting, the better! So if you have a van or suitable vehicle you’d be prepared to donate for the weekend then please do let us know by emailing laura@mshfundraising.co.uk – if you’d like to volunteer for the weekend in your own van then even better!

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