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    Welcome to the world of hobby board gaming.
    Beanie Games is hosting special festive day of board and card gaming.
    New and experienced players welcome. 2.50 Entry.

    This will be a generally ‘chilled’ day however we will run optional card game tournments at 1pm 🙂

    Please note, we close at 4pm today.

    Bring your own games or choose from our library of over 300 games.

    Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Magic:The Gathering, Cardfight!! Vanguard, X-Wing, Catan, 40K,D&D and much more!*, we have tables up to 8’x4′ and space for 300+ players.

    *The games played will change each week depending on who turns up. If you’re looking to play a specific game then please contact us and we’ll try and point you the right direction 🙂 Alternatively check out our facebook groups to make contact with other gamers.

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