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    At this time of year, we can often feel tired and flat. But the end of November can see us in a tailspin of things to do at work, at school and at home.
    Just take a moment…STOP!
    A little self-care is usually all that is needed to refuel our energy and make it through to Christmas with a big smile 🙂

    On 30th November we are offering:

    – Indian Head Massage – nothing better for relaxation, reducing stress and realigning your mind to a more positive setting!

    – Spiritual Healing – we take care of our body and mind, but what about our spirit? Have the complete picture in balance this season.

    – Reiki – a subtle and passive healing where all of the ‘goodness’ energy is channelled through the therapist’s hands into your physical and energy bodies and it’ll go exactly where it needs to go.

    – Crystal Healing – crystals have been used throughout the ages for healing. Each having its own qualities, take this opportunity to find the stones which will have you firing on all cylinders this winter with a smile of bliss on your face!

    – Reflexology – your feet are like a miniature you. Imbalances are worked on via the feet making it possible to cover healing the whole body from just this one small area. Stones and essential oils are also included according to need.

    – Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – a mini-treatment of a longer session, focusing on usual troubled areas. Essential oils and Reiki are included according to need.

    – Holistic Facial – using products that you are more likely to find in your kitchen than a pharmacy! Including acupressure points to release skin-bound emotions.

    You can also buy Gift Vouchers if you would like to share the magic with friends or relatives at events throughout 2019 or towards full treatments with the individual therapists at their usual place of practice.
    What a lovely gift!

    Just 20 for 30 minutes, contact me on Messenger to book or call / text on 07709 446624.
    But book early as we fill up fast!

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