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    To stop all the confusion classic are to be 1995 & older

    Port Solent Car Meet
    With careful consideration and to clear up all the confusion regarding the rules of the group/meet the following rules are going to apply:
    Cars that are welcome are:
    All classic cars/trucks (PRE 1995)
    All American cars/trucks
    All motor bikes/scooters
    Super cars
    Kit cars

    If you are unsure if your vehicle fits into the above categories then please email me on portsolentcarmeet@outlook.com
    You may also email the above if you feel you have an unusual or different vehicle that you would like to show.
    Please do not be offended if your vehicle is turned away, but there is a public car park where you can park and still view the cars.
    Please be respectful to Port Solent and their visitors by driving sensibly and not playing music too loud.
    We ask politely that when using the Facebook page that you respect other peoples opinions and do not use abusive language. If this happens we will remove you from the site.
    This is a non-political and friendly car meet for all to enjoy, lets keep it that way.
    All meets will start at 10am

    Jason White

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