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    It’s that time of year again to get the dip organised!!

    The support from everyone for all the dips over the years has been nothing short of exceptional and we do really appreciate everyone that has been involved! But we have decided to make this the last one, so hopefully we can see this event, in memory of my dad, off in some style.

    The majority of participants and spectators know the score by now after numerous successful dips!! There is a lot of seasoned pro’s amongst us who have taken part in every single one. (LEGENDS)

    But for those that are joining us for the first time this year or adding friends and family to the group it goes as follows:

    Step 1: Have a cracking Christmas
    Step 2: Attend the boxing day dip to cure your xmas hangover!

    As usual the plan is to meet on Longsands ramp near Crusoe’s at 10am, dip at 10:15am, quickly dry off then head to the pub to warm up and continue with the festive celebrations.

    Please pass on the message to anyone that would be interested in taking part, or add them to the group. The more the merrier!!

    As usual we will be raising money for charity, lets face it, jumping in the freezing cold north sea for nothing wouldnt be a very good idea. We will have collection bucket on the day, but people are more than welcome to knock themselves up a sponsor form and collect some extra dosh.

    In keeping with my Dads memory and donating to a cancer charity, we have decided to stick with the same fantastic charity as last year, Maggie’s Centres Newcastle. Which is a cancer charity, based at the Freeman Hospital, focusing on providing emotional, practical and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends.

    Hope to see you all on Boxing Day, for one last time

    P.S For those that have friends/family who are not social media please spread the word, there will also be a poster going up in the sportsman.

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