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    Barton Court Studios are pleased to announce our Talent Showcase!

    The Talent Showcase is our annual event that shows off many different acts that are involved with the studios.

    Youre signing up for a night of music, comedy, magic as well as many other different talents presented by people of all ages and backgrounds!

    LINE UP:

    – Andy Daish
    – Bel
    – Daisy Sheppard
    – Emily-Jane
    – Geena Morris
    – Gracie Park
    – Kez Hinton
    – Mad Definition
    – Phil Smith
    – Robert Coates
    – Rujiero
    – Skye Hughes
    – Toby Janes
    – Talisa Chalcraft

    Please support our local scene by coming along to this event and telling your friends and family to get tickets too!

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