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    Celebrate the New Year at The Village Inn

    Open from 6pm till late
    From 8pm superb Hot and Cold Buffet Including desserts
    New Years Eve Draw
    1 per square Fantastic prizes to be won
    Followed by
    A Review of the Year Quiz Prizes for the winning team

    From 10pm Music and Karaoke

    Tickets 12.50 per person Children are welcome

    Early Booking is advisable Contact Alex or Clive to book your Tickets on 01579 344997
    www.rosecraddocholidays.co.uk alex@rosecraddocholidays.co.uk

    This years theme is letter party B

    Accessorise yourself with a British or Brexit Theme

    With bandanas, bobbed wig, beards, feather boas, beret, baubles, bowtie, head boppers, braids, beads and bows

    Wear a celebrity mask with the letter B such as Boris Johnson, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Bruce Willis, Mel B, Justine Bieber to name a few or simply wear something Black, Brown or Blue!!!
    Dress up as Batman/girl, Biker, Ballet Dancer, Bride, Butler, Bananaman, Builder, Bricklayer, Mr Bean, Belly Dancer, Betty Boop, Baywatch, Burglar, The Beatles, there are many more!

    The List is endless; you can even make or decorate your own themed outfit/item!

    Prizes go to the best Adult and best child!

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