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    An Experience of the Personal Values in Decision-Making

    Are you creating your best life, or are you drifting along, taking what seems like the path of least resistance or the next logical step?

    Unlocking your personal values enables you to choose your direction more effectively and make choices which are less likely to lead to stress or dissatisfaction. In this session, you will identify your personal values, understand how these drive us and explore how to use these effectively in decision-making. 

    An Experience of Personal Values in Decision-Making is part of the Summer School of Wellbeing Practices which also includes meditation, using positive language and living your values. 

    About the Summer School of Wellbeing Practices 

    Wellbeing practices are no longer dismissed as being new age as evidence-based research catches up with traditional wisdom.  

    Most of these practices are simple to learn and easy to incorporate into everyday life, and bring benefits ranging from being able to manage stress, feeling more energised, improved focus, sleeping easily, experiencing more joy as well as being able to make good decisions, communicate better with others and make a positive impact. The list is endless! 

    Of course there are plenty of books, videos and apps (and Google!), but in a real-life session with an experienced facilitator and a small group of like-minded individuals you can’t wander off or stop half-way. You’ll receive guidance and reassurance and probably enjoy learning.  

    The Summer School is an opportunity for you to try one or several wisdom practices.  You can enrol for a single session (£20 per session) or come and experience them all!  

    The other session (also on Eventbrite) are: 

    An Experience of Meditation: Wednesday August 8th. 7-9 pm

    An Experience of Gratitude Practices: Wednesday August 15th, 7–9pm

    An Experience of the Power of Positive Language: Wednesday August 22nd, 7-9pm

    I’d love to see you there!  If you have any questions, please contact me.

    Best wishes,


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