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    Great Scott! To celebrate 6 years of Exeters most imaginative NYE night out, this year were turning it up to 88mph. Expect more mind-blowing bands and DJs, zany performers, and hidden surprises in a full building Back To The Future takeover.

    Were firing up the Flux Capacitor so dig out your fancy dress for a decade clash of discos, diners and dancing!

    Its Gonna B. Goode


    Enchantment Under the Sea Ball
    Grab your scuba suit & flippers as we are about dive straight onto the ocean dance floor. Join us in the Auditorium for an evening of awash with live bands and silent disco skulduggery.

    Doc Browns Lab
    Enter Doc Browns 80s Synth lab, don a lab coat, and drink from a mysterious beaker as we get experimental. From Disco all the way to Drum and Bass.

    Dystopian Karaoke
    A utopia for some, our flux capacitor has taken us to a Japanese Karaoke bar in the year 2119. Holographic projections are in and moon boots are cooler than ever. Sing with one of our geisha hosts.

    Wild Wild West
    We going straight to the Wild Wild West. The year is 1855 and no good lawless cowboys have run amok and have taken over the bar and terrace.

    Jukebox Diner
    Kick back with an alcoholic milkshake or two and indulge in some retro rockabilly tunes in our 1950s Jukebox Diner.

    Flux Capacitor
    A time in between times. An inter-dimensional platform that transports you through the decades and into 2019.


    – Dizney Rascal
    Ska covers of everyones favourite disney tunes!

    – Extra Medium
    Oversized portions of dance floor melting jazz age steppers.

    – Fizzy Gillespie
    Modern bass music fused with vintage 1930s swing to 1960s soul.

    – Minirig Takeover

    – Yes Dad!

    – Come Disco With Me | DJ Louie Louie | Dj Spider | Sketch


    Immersive decor | Cabaret | Silent Disco | Martini Mcflys | Alcoholic Milkshakes | 80s Synth | Photobooths | Holograms | Science Experiments | Tropical Grooves

    Awards for the best dressed!

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