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    Have you ever heard these questions from your spouse?
    Could you give me a massage?

    My back hurts sooo much, could you just give me a quick massage?

    My feet hurt, can you give them a massage?

    If the answer is yes, we have just the thing for you! You will be introduced to a three-hour workshop which will change your life and relationship forever!

    Knowing how to massage properly is a great skill and your partner will appreciate you even more for learning this therapeutic art. We aim to make this workshop educational and fun. During the three hour workshop you will learn:

    How to massage using a various range of movements

    How to massage for longer than 5 minutes without feeling tired when not to massage (contraindications)

    Which oils to use, you will also receive some complimentary oils to take home with you to use on your partner

    This workshop is 130 per couple (includes lunch at Vinnie’s Eatery)

    What you need to know about this workshop
    This is a fun day of learning for you and your partner you will take away with you a complimentary pack, which includes printouts with basic massage movements and routines, three pre-blended massage oils and anatomy book

    During the day you will have access to FREE refreshments.

    What you will learn during this workshop
    Most of the day will be spent on achieving a practical routine which can be adapted for one’s use on friend and family. The routine will be broken down into a series of easy to remember movements which will provide you with an understanding of how you can include massage into your life.

    You will practice all techniques on your partner everyone will receive treatment.
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