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    Hello everyone! We are very excited to let you know that tickets for New Year’s Eve 2018 at Buckingham are now on sale.


    Our NYE party in 2017 hit the spot with over 200 dancers seeing in the year in style. With over 60% of tickets sold during the first weeks in September, you can be sure you will be in fine company.

    Spaces will be limited, to ensure that the dancing is comfortable, and it will be a gender-balanced event. There will be two rooms of music and a high standard of complimentary refreshments throughout.

    Like last year, we have opened sales to our local dancers first, before online tickets become available to everyone from 17th September. Cash tickets cost 22 and can be purchased at our venues by anyone who has paid to come in and dance. Online tickets will be priced at 25.

    To make improvements in the processing of sales from last
    year, we have created a few changes:

    – No reservations for tickets can be made without payment.

    – Cash tickets cannot be purchased in bulk for absent dancers. Individuals will only be able to buy tickets for
    themselves and, if desired, a gender-balanced partner.

    – Tickets will be marked as MALE and FEMALE. If you find that you are unable to attend and wish to sell your ticket, please feel free to do so privately but ONLY to someone of the correct gender. Otherwise, they risk being refused entry.

    – We would appreciate you letting us know the name of the person you have sold your ticket to so that we can keep our records up-to-date.

    – If the number of solo ladies’ ticket sales vastly exceed the number of men, they will be temporarily put on hold until the men catch up. Therefore it will be a great help if ladies have a chat to any men who may like to attend and can book up with them.

    Many thanks for your co-operation, and we look forward to
    welcoming in the new year with you all!

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