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    Conrad and Clara Christmas are hosting a party to celebrate the festive season. Although they always throw the best in town, there is usually some strife amongst one or two of the revellers. This year there is someone present who does not extend Goodwill to all Men. Join us for this Christmas party with a difference and find out for yourselves just what is going on and who that someone is!

    Hosted by Its Murder one of the most popular murder mystery companies in the UK is a first-class murder mystery event held in our perfect Gothic Castle setting. From the moment you meet your fellow guests beware, you could be talking to a murderer blissfully unaware of the sinister events about to unfold.

    A bloodcurdling scream, a gunshot or deathly silence the murderous game is afoot! You are now involved in a murder enquiry headed by our very own detectives. With murder on the menu guests are all potential super sleuths looking for means, motive and opportunity.

    Just 38.50 per person

    Ticket price includes a three course dinner

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