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    Recent work from NBA members on the theme of conservation, climate change and landscape. All work for sale including painting, drawing, print, ceramics, textiles and Christmas items.
    Affordable and unique gifts. Open 11-4 daily. Workshops most days, some are FREE! Get Creative (XR Workshops free)
    Basement @ Bunyan, Castle Street Bedford within John Bunyan Museum. Info @ leighmelanie7000@aol.com or to book workshops.
    Thursday 22nd Drawing and Painting 10-1pm 15 or FREE NBA members
    Friday 23 Learn the art of Wet Felting and make a Birdhouse 10-1pm 35
    Saturday 24 Christmas Crafts cards and decorations 11pm/ 2-4pm FREE, Needle Felted decorations 11-1pm 10 same day.
    Please book all workshops via email above, or by text in first instance for call back 07532456871.

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